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    Financial Planning Experts For Local 243 Members 

    • Teamsters Local 243 Demands Hazardous-Duty Pay For All SVS Vision Members

      On April 9, 2020 SVS Vision received $6,676,797.00* in U.S. Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funds during the COVID-19 Pandemic, while refusing hazard pay for its employees who continued working with the general public during the health crisis.  

      That PPP loan has been “FORGIVEN” and SVS Vision does not have to pay the money back.  Today (when including interest) the amount of taxpayer money SVS Vision has received is a staggering $6,754,226.00 (and owner Ken Stann is still rejecting hazard pay for his hard-working employees).

      * As reported on ProPublica’s website -- check for yourself.

      Click below to read Local 243’s letter to Ken Stann and the Union’s proposed Letter of Agreement concerning employee hazard pay

      Local 243 UPS Members Who Are Vaccinated Are No Longer Required To Wear A Mask While Working

       Click below for larger view


      IBT Annnounces Grievance Settlement Prohibiting UPS From Utilizing PVD Drivers As Summer Vacation Replacements Within the Central Conference

      Click below for larger view

      IBT Package Division Announces Article 33 UPS Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2021

      Click below for larger view

      Local 243 Hosts Pfizer Vaccine Clinic for Members and Their Families

      Click flyer below for a larger version

      Teamsters Carhaulers Overwhelmingly Vote To Ratify A One-Year Contract Extension

      Click image below for larger view

      Local 243 UPS Members Continue Fighting Back, and Winning, Against Company Violations of Their 9.5 Contractual Rights

      Last year, Local 243 hit a historic mark as the Union fought, and won, more than $102,000 for members who filed grievances over the Company violating their 9.5 contractual rights.

      This trend continues in 2021 as Local 243 stands firm on our commitment to strictly enforce the collective bargaining agreement.

      Since January 1, 2021 Local 243 has won an additional $1,553.62 in 9.5 grievance payouts for members.

      Local 243 encourages all UPS members to continue utilizing the grievance procedure to protect your dignity, rights and respect on the job.  If you believe your rights have been violated by the Company, your Manager or your Supervisor, or if you disagree with any discipline that you receive, contact your Steward or Business Representative right away and file a grievance to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

      Governor Gretchen Whitmer Unveils “MI Vacc to Normal Challenge” As A Guide To Restoring Pre-COVID Normalcy To Michigan

      Join the Challenge To Help End COVID-19

      Attend Local 243’s FREE COVID-19 vaccine clinic - May 23, 2021

      Governor Gretchen Whitmer has set Michigan on a pathway to return to normal by unveiling the ‘MI Vacc to Normal’ plan as the state continues to push toward its goal of vaccinating 70% of Michiganders ages 16 years or older. To facilitate this goal, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will base future epidemic order actions on four vaccination-based milestones that, once achieved, will enable Michigan to take a step toward normalcy.

      “The MI Vacc to Normal challenge outlines steps we can take to emerge from this pandemic as we hit our vaccination targets together,” Governor Whitmer said. “If you haven’t already, I encourage you to rise to the challenge and be a part of the solution so we can continue our economic recovery and have the summer we all crave.”

      Since Governor Whitmer asked Michiganders to double down on smart public health policies on April 9, Michigan has made significant progress to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.

      Important Information Concerning The One-Year Carhaul Contract Extension

      Click below for larger version

      IBT Carhaul Update Newsletter

      Click below for larger version

      Click notice below for larger view

      NLRB Issues Complaint Against APWU #295 For Failure to Bargain and Refusal To Provide Information

      — Board Trial Set For July 19, 2021 —

      Click Below To Read Entire NLRB Decision

      IBT Carhaul Division Releases Tentative One-Year Carhaul Contract Extension - June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022

      Click below for larger view

      Citing Concerns Over the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, IBT Announces A One-Year Extension of Current Carhaul Contract

      Click memo below for larger view


      The American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Saves Central States From Insolvency

      Click image below for larger view

      Jack Cooper Transport NLRB Settlement Mandates Company To Provide Local 243 With Requested Information Concerning Subcontracting of Work 

      Click below for complete document

      Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Ranks UPS Employees As A Top Priority To Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

      UPS Employees Are Considered Phase 1B, Group C Essential Frontline Workers

      Click graphic for larger view

      Local 243 has been informed that, in response to the Union’s requests to prioritize UPS members for COVID-19 vaccinations, the Michgian Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) announced that UPS members will be treated equally with  U.S. Postal Service employees.  As a result, UPS members will be included in the Phase 1B, Group C, along with other frontline essential workers, to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

      Teamsters Local 243 Targets Amazon’s Romulus Warehouse As Organizing Campaign Intensifies Across Metro-Detroit

      As interest in Union organizing grows among Amazon's workers in Alabama and across the country, Local 243 continues reaching out to Amazon employees throughout Metro-Detroit encouraging them to join the Teamsters.  

      On March 1, 2021 Local 243, joined by Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43 and Teamsters Local 337, sponsored an informational organizing drive outside Amazon's Romulus facility.  The purpose for this visit was to inform Amazon workers of their legal rights to join a Union and explain how the Teamsters will improve wages, benefits, working conditions and job security for all Amazon workers.

      Pictured above at Local 243's Romulus organizing drive are (left to right) UPS Driver Aaron Puschell, UPS-CSI Steward Jason Sims, Vice President Scott Quenneville, Secretary-Treasurer Neil Pettit, Business Agent Scott Wood, Teamsters Joint Council #43 Organizer Dave Hughes, UPS Livonia Steward Steve Karas, Teamsters Joint Council #43 Organizer T.J. Kitchen, Local 337 Vice President Jim Parrinello and Recording Secretary Phil Turner.

      NLRB Denies Jack Cooper Transport's Appeal of Its Frivolous Board Charges Filed Against Local 243

      Click below for a larger view

      Update Regarding the Sale of UPS Freight

      Click below for larger version of the IBT memo 


      The Pettit-Quenneville Leadership Team Elected Without Opposition To Represent Local 243 As Delegates and Alternates to the 2021 IBT Convention

      Click notice below for larger view


      COVID-19 Pandemic Prompts IBT To Replace Traditional In-Person Convention With “Virtual” Online Convention

      Click memo below for larger view

      As the year 2020 comes to a close, Local 243 announces the conclusion of its multi-phase grievance battle against UPS surrounding the Company's violation of members’ 9.5 contratual rights.  Total backpay to UPS members who filed over 500 grievances on this contract violation is a historic $102,382.87.

      “This has been a long and grueling ordeal for everyone, but through it all Local 243 maintained our due diligence against UPS by fighting to protect our members’ 9.5 rights,” Local 243 Vice President Scott Quenneville said.  “These grievance victories, paid out in five phases over a period of several months, prove that when UPS members stand together with their Union and fight against clear violations of the collective bargaining agreement, we can have a powerful impact which both strengthens our Union and pays off financially for the members.”

      As the New Year begins, Local 243 encourages all UPS members to continue utilizing the grievance procedure to protect your dignity, rights and respect in the workplace.  If you believe that your rights have been violated by the Company, or by your Manager or Supervisor, or if you disagree with any discipline that you receive, contact your Steward or Business Representative right away and file a grievance to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

      Local 243 Responds To SVS Vision President Ken Stann’s Deceptive E-Mail Concerning Negotiations and the Company‘s Plan Regarding the SVS Lab

      Click graphic below to read entire letter

      Local 243 Files NLRB Charges Against SVS Vision For Refusing To Schedule “In-Person” Grievance Hearings

      Click graphic below for larger view

      THE BOTTOM LINE:  If SVS Vision employees can safely return to work and service customers on a face-to-face basis, a practice that has been in place for months, then Local 243 believes there is no excuse for not scheduling in-person Step 2 grievance hearings (as is required by the collective bargaining agreement).


      Local 243’s Complaint Against Jack Cooper Transport Prompts MIOSHA To Demand That The Company Investigate and Correct Any Health and Safety Violation Regarding Truck Flow Valves


      MIOSHA Launches Investigation of SVS Vision in Response To Local 243’s Charge of COVID-19 Safety Violations By the Company

      Click image below to read entire MIOSHA letter to SVS

      Local 243’s 9.5 Grievance Update
      Click graphic below to read update

      Click to read entire story

      Local 243 Files MIOSHA Charge Against SVS Vision For Failing To Protect Employee Safety During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

      Click below for larger view

      “Phase 2” of Local 243’s Ongoing 9.5 Grievance Battle Against UPS Concludes

      Click graphic below to view “Phase 2” Update

      Local 243 Joins National Effort To Demand Congress Include Assistance for Central States Pension Fund In Future COVID-19 Financial Relief Package

      Click below for larger view

      MIOSHA Cites UPS Livonia For Failing To Provide A Hazard Free Workplace Amidst COVID-19 Health Pandemic

      Click to read MIOSHA Report Against UPS Livonia

      Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) Issues COVID-19 Safety Violation Against UPS

      Local 243 Previously Filed MIOSHA Charges Against UPS For Not Enforcing the Six Feet Social Distancing Guidelines

      Click graphic below to read entire press release

      Local 243 Files NLRB Charges Against Jack Cooper Transport For Failing to Bargain In Good Faith By Refusing to Provide Information

      Click graphic below for a larger view

      Local 243 Files MIOSHA Charge Against UPS For Violating COVID-19 Social Distancing Policy

      Click graphic below for larger view

      Local 243 Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against SVS For Failing To Provide Information, Refusing To Meet and Bargain, Refusing To Hear Grievances and Retaliating Against the Union Steward

      Click below to read complete NLRB Charges

      Michigan Teamster Local Unions and UPS Agree to Extend COVID-19 Letter of Agreement Concerning PVD Drivers Through August 31, 2020

      Click graphic below to read entire LOA

      Local 243 Files Additional NLRB Charges Against UPS For Refusal To Provide Information Over Members’ 9.5 Violations

      Click image below for larger view

      Local 243 Files NLRB Charge Against UPS Over The Company’s Refusal To Provide Requested Information

      We will fight any attempt by UPS to try and prevent us from fully representing rank-and-file members 

      (Click below to read larger version of the two-page document)

      IBT and UPS Agree to Memorandum of Understanding for Returning to Work Following COVID-19 Recovery

      (Click below for a larger view)

      Local 243 Wins Fight Against American Red Cross Demanding Company Follow COVID-19 Social Distance Guidelines During Blood Drives

      Click image below for larger view

      Local 243 Files NLRB Charges Against Jack Cooper Transport For Unilaterally Modifying Working Conditions By Implementing Electronic Dispatch

      Click graphic below for larger view

      Locals 243, 332, 337 and 406 Reach Letter of Understanding With UPS Concening Temporary PVD Drivers

      Agreement Will Provide Needed Delivery Relief To Full-Time UPS Package Car Drivers 

      Click below to read entire agreement


      All Contractual 9.5 Protections Remain In Full Force During COVID-19 Emergency

      Click below to view larger version of memo

      State of Michigan Announces Emergency Workers’ Compensation Rules For First Responders

      Click image below to read entire memo

      UPS Membership Memo Regarding Personal Protective Equipment - April 15, 2020

      (Click image below to read larger version)

      TEAMCARE COVID-19 Bulletin For UPS, Jack Cooper Transport and American Red Cross Members

      (Click image below for larger version)

      TEAMCARE COVID-19 Short-Term Disability Benefits Claim Form  

      For use by UPS, Jack Cooper and American Red Cross members applying for short-term disability

      (Click image below for larger version)

      Michigan Conference of Teamsters Welfare Fund COVID-19 Weekly Accident and Sickness Benefits For Fund Participants

      (For use by NON-UPS members applying for short-term disability benefits)

      Click form below for larger version

      Teamsters and UPS Announce Creation of Vacation Bank Members Can Use During COVID-19 Health Emergency

      (Click graphic to read larger view)


      Important Notice To Local 243 UPS Members Regarding Possible Voluntary Layoffs

      Click notice below to read the entire Voluntary Layoff Agreement negotiated between Teamsters Local 243 and UPS

      Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw and Ingham Counties Issue Coronavirus Health Advisories

      Click one of the Counties below for a larger view

      Wayne County   Oakland County   

      Washtenaw County   Ingham County

      TEAMCARE Trustees Announce COVID-19 Health Care Layoff Coverage Benefit Changes 

      Local 243 has been advised that the TEAMCARE Board of Trustees has approved granting up to eight weeks of health care layoff coverage at no cost to members who are laid off between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  We have been in discussions with representatives at TEAMCARE to address this crucial membership priority.

      You can read more about the eight week layoff coverage, as well as some frequently asked questions, in the three special TEAMCARE BULLETINS below.

      EIGHT WEEKS of Layoff Health Care Benefits At NO COST (click graphic below to read entire bulletin)

      Frequently Asked Questions About TEAMCARE Layoff Coverage (click graphic below to read entire bulletin)

      Cost-Sharing Waiver For COVID-19 Testing and Treatment (click graphic below to read entire bulletin)

      Telemedicine Options Give MCTWF and TEAMCARE Members 24/7/365 Access To Quality Health Care Consultations During Coronavirus Pandemic

      MICHIGAN CONFERENCE OF TEAMSTERS WELFARE FUNDLocal 243 members with health insurance through the Michigan Conference of Teamsters Welfare Fund (MCTWF) who need to speak with a doctor can do so by utilizing the Fund’s MDLIVE program.

      Fund members receive immediate access to physicians who can assist with an array of health care questions. This is especially important now, during the current Coronavirus pandemic.  

      Members who believe they may have symptoms of the Coronavirus are encouraged to contact MDLIVE for diagnosis, assistance and treatment options.  

      Copayments for MDLIVE online consultations have been waived through March 31, 2021.

      More information is available at https://members.mdlive.com/mctwf or click the graphic below.  You can also call MDLIVE at 1-800-657-6169.   

      TEAMCARE - Local 243 members with TEAMCARE health insurance are encouraged to seek telemedicine through Teladoc.  Physicians are available to help evaluate risk and provide support.  

      If a higher level of care is determined to be necessary by the physician, Teladoc will navigate patients to the appropriate resource.  

      There is no cost to TEAMCARE members for using Teladoc.

      More information is available at Teladoc.com/TeamCare or click the graphic below.  You can also call Teladoc at 1-800-835-2362.  

      IBT and UPS Negotiate Sick Leave Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Regarding Coronavirus 

      Local 243 has received the IBT/UPS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding Coronavirus sick leave policy.  (click graphic at right for a larger view)

      The MOU guarantees up to ten (10) days of paid sick leave for UPS members who are directly impacted by the COVID-19 virus as follows:

      (1) Employee is diagnosed with COVID-19 or is required by government, public health official, a doctor or UPS to be quarantined.
      (2) Employee’s immediate family member who resides in the same household is diagnosed with COVID-19 and is thus forced to quarantine.

      For more specifics click on the image above to read the entire MOU.

      Jack Cooper Transport Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Covid-19

      Click to read entire two page Memo of Understanding

      Local 243’s Memo to UPS Members Regarding Coronavirus

      Click to read larger version of Local 243’s UPS Memo


      UPS Members Requesting Covid-19 Emergency Leave Need To Complete This Emegency Leave Request (ELR) Form

      (click below for a larger, printable six-page form)

      Once you complete this ELR form, email it to:


      NOTE:  For the first two boxes on this form, make sure you include the following information:

      Region: #7

      District: #64

      Teamsters Statement On Coronavirus

      As the United States responds to the outbreak of COVID-19, we must ensure that working people are able to perform their jobs in a safe working environment and that sick leave is available to all workers. Without adequate sick leave, workers will be forced to continue working in order to provide food and housing for their families, thus potentially exposing others to the virus.

      Federal, state and local governments, as well employers, need to listen to front-line workers in every industry about the actions needed to keep working people safe on the job and to protect our communities.

      Teamster members have greater job protections than nonunion workers. However, every worker must be provided basic economic security and protections during this crisis.

      The Teamsters will fight to ensure that:

      • Everyone has access to free COVID-19 testing;
      • Every worker is provided some form of paid sick leave; 
      • Workers are not punished for calling in sick; 
      • Frontline workers who treat potentially infected populations be provided with the appropriate protective equipment;
      • Workers understand that they are entitled to worker compensation benefits if they are infected as a result of their work;
      • Those receiving unemployment benefits while affected by COVID-19 are exempt from searching for work during that time.

      It is imperative that we come together as a nation to ensure that sick workers and their families stay home when sick, continue to be compensated and protected during this time and that federal, state and local governments do everything in their power to keep workers protected during this crisis.

      Local 243 Wins $28,000 “Snow Day” Pay For Members At Durham, Northville

      Local 243 Vice President Scott Quenneville (left) and Recording Secretary Phil Turner (right) with some of the Drivers and Monitors from Durham, Northville who collectively received more than $28,000 in snow day pay through the Union's grievance procedure.

      Drivers and Monitors at Durham School Services, Northville received an early Christmas gift once the Union won its “snow day” pay grievance resulting in the Company paying more than $28,000 in backpay to the membership.

      Durham Northville members were off work a total of seven days due to inclement weather during the 2018-2019 school year.  Even though the Company was paid by the Northville School District for the seven missed snow days, they refused to pay employees for their lost days as required by the Union’s contract.  

      In response, on July 2, 2019 Local 243 filed a class action grievance on behalf of all Drivers and Monitors for the snow day pay.  On November 29, 2019 Durham finally agreed to follow the contract and pay employees a total settlement of $28,187.67 for the lost snow days.  Each member received their share of this total based upon their hourly rate and the number of hours missed during those seven snow days.

      “Payment for snow days has been, and remains, a major issue for our Durham members,” Local 243 Secretary-Treasurer Neil Pettit said.  “The Company violated the contract by refusing to pay members for the snow days.  This grievance victory demonstrates, very clearly, that Local 243 Local 243 will use every resource available, including the power of our grievance and arbitration process to enforce our contracts, protect members’ workplace rights and make sure that rank-and-file members receive every negotiated benefit to which they are entitled.”

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