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The duties of Stewards at their place of employment are:



To educate Members about the terms and conditions of their collective bargaining agreement and answer questions about the collective bargaining  agreement.


To enforce the collective bargaining agreement with the Employer.


To require that Members adhere to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.


To monitor the use of casual employees and new hires and to report to the Union hiring practices that are not in accord with the rules and regulations of the Union and the collective bargaining agreement.


To work directly with their Business Agent regarding all grievances and disputes, including the investigation and presentation of grievances and the direct representation of Members who are subject to discipline or discharge. When a Member refers a complaint or grievance to his/her Steward, he/she shall accompany that Member into the office for adjustment. If the parties fail to adjust the complaint or grievance, it shall be reduced to writing and referred to the assigned Business Agent. Copies of the written grievance shall be retained by both the Steward and Member. A Business Agent who receives a grievance or a report of any contract violation from a Steward shall reply as soon as possible, not to exceed 72 hours.


To post all official communications from the Union and/or from the assigned Business Agent on the appropriate Union Bulletin Board.


To report to Members the activities of the Union-- General Membership meetings, Steward Meeting, Seminars, Craft Meetings, Elections, Political Action Programs, etc.


To advise Members of the services and opportunities provided by the Union, specifically those which come directly from the collective bargaining agreement and those that come from the Union-- Health and Welfare and Pension benefits, Retiree Benefits, Dues Check-off, Sick Benefits, Teamster Scholarship, etc.


To advise Members of their obligations to the Union -- Payment of monthly dues, observance of authorized picket lines, service to the Union in accord with the Picketing/Organizing/Assessment Resolution, etc.


To endeavor at all times to create favorable conditions and to maintain harmonious co-worker relationships, but, when not possible, to resolve differences or disputes between or among Members.


To at all times conduct himself/herself in such a manner as to set a good example for the Members they represent and all Members of the Union.

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