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  Every day legislation that can affect your job is debated and voted on in both Lansing and Washington D.C. From expanding MIOSHA funding to keep your worksite safe, from protecting overtime laws to stopping NAFTA agreements, Teamsters political power works for you.

  The Teamsters have an established Legislative Department and a political committee, DRIVE, which stands for: Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education.  This fund is one of the largest, most powerful, political action committees in the United States.  Funded by voluntary contributions from Teamster members, DRIVE is our answer to the millions of dollars spent by big business each year in support of anti-union candidates.  Monies raised are used to support the campaigns of labor-friendly politicians (Democrat and Republican).




2016 Michigan Legislative Scorecard





How Can I Join Michigan Teamsters DRIVE?



There are two ways. Many of Local 243's contracts provide for the employer to deduct voluntary weekly check-off deductions of $1.00 and send them to DRIVE. If you work under one of these contracts, your voluntary weekly contribution can be deducted just like your union dues. Ask your Steward for a DRIVE card, or fill out the card below, clip it out, and send it to Local 243.


All money raised this way stays with Local 243's political action committee, and is contributed in our union's name.




Michigan DRIVE Check-Off Form






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